Through The Looking Glass Inspired By Sister Restaurant Mini Bar

This Barmini Cocktail Flight Review will be everything you need to know before you decide whether or not to visit the José Andrés’ Cocktail Lab. The DC area has some pretty amazing cocktail bars, but Barmini is truly on another level.

Barmini Cocktail Flight Review: What Is Bar Mini By José Andrés?

Jose Andres opened Barmini on 9th St NW in the Penn Quarter area of Washington DC. It is one of the best experiences you can have as a foodie in this town. This famous cocktail bar is next door to the chef’s Michelin star restaurant Minibar. This place takes classic cocktails and puts a real innovative spin on them. Even your friends who think that New York is better than DC (it’s not), will be impressed.

Banana Manhattan With Cocoa Cloud

Banana Manhattan With Cocoa Cloud

The alcoholic flights here are innovative and delightful cocktail flights. This renowned establishment offers a unique experience for patrons, showcasing an impressive array of creative and high-quality beverages.

Barmini Cocktail Flight Review: The Drinks

The bar team here certainly knows what its doing and each specialty drink has its own ritual preparation. The cocktail menu changes seasonally so Washington DC locals are able to visit it multiple times and have a unique experience each time. On one occasion you may get liquid nitrogen wafts with your drink and on others your unique cocktail may have a floral cloud. Each experience will be different from the last time.

Cocktail Or Sorbet? The Monarca

Cocktail Or Sorbet? The Monarca

Previous drinks here have included unique ingredients like peanut butter, angostura bitters, citrus singani, citrus ash, banana bourbon, rice vinegar, orange bitters, white rum, green chartreuse, orange liqueur, and bittersweet vermouth. This unique ingredients are just a sample of how these great cocktails are made for transportive cocktail flights.

The only downside to the rotating menu of drinks is that if you have a favorite cocktail, it may not be available on the next flight. We are hoping to have the Monarca, pictured above, again at a future visit!

Through The Looking Glass Inspired By Sister Restaurant Mini Bar

Through The Looking Glass Inspired By Sister Restaurant Mini Bar

So keep your favorite libations in mind and see if you can make a special request for them outside the cocktail flight.

Barmini Cocktail Flight Review: The Experience

At Barmini, client satisfaction is of utmost importance. The staff consistently offers a high level of customer service, from the moment guests arrive until they leave. 

The bar team takes the time to engage with each guest, explaining the intricate details of every cocktail, from ingredients to presentation, ensuring a unique and immersive experience.

The ambiance is stylish and elevated. The tasting room here has has a beautiful white bar and unique design elements. This avant garde cocktail lounge has a comfortable and inviting atmosphere, creating the perfect environment for conversation and enjoyment of crafted cocktails.

The Tasting Room & Bar

Barmini Cocktail Flight Review: Do I Have To Book The Cocktail Flight?

Many people do not know this but José Andrés’s barmini also has an a la carte beverage experience. These reservations are typically the later ones in the evening, usually at 930 PM or the earlier reservations early in the week. It is harder to get an a la carte reservation on a weekend night.  

You can even opt to walk in but you may or may not get a seat since it is usually completely booked with reservations. You can try your luck on a weekday late into the evening to snag a unique cocktail in this delightful bar experience. 

Barmini Cocktail Flight Review: Is There Food?

For those of you who need a little coating in your stomach before you drink, don’t worry, Barmini does have food. It is not a lengthy menu, so the only thing to remember is that the food here is mainly bites and snacks. 

You may want to order a couple snacks before the flight and then a couple more throughout. The cocktails can be quite powerful and depending on your tolerance you may want to eat something more substantial afterwards. 

Amazing Bread & Grilled Cheese

Some popular menu items on their snacks list include their grilled cheese and their foie gras waffle. 

Barmini Cocktail Flight Review: Getting A Reservation

The two-hour cocktail flight at Barmini is an immersive journey through inventive concoctions, artfully crafted by skilled mixologists. The menu changes seasonally and you will have to contact the restaurant to find out what the current cocktail flight is. However, we would recommend that you wait and allow yourself to be surprised since these are some of the most unique cocktails you will ever try. 

Tres Tristes With An Edible Flower

In order to experience the cocktail flight, you will have to make reservations ahead of time. Especially on weekends, these can be hard to get. Be sure to plan ahead of time as this is one of the best bars in not just Washington DC but probably the United States. 

Barmini Cocktail Flight Review: Pricing

The reservations here are pre paid. For the Barmini cocktail flight, it costs $115 per person before tax and tip. This includes your cocktails, but not any food you may order. An a la carte reservation is $40 before tax and tip. These can be easily booked online. 

If you do have any allergies, it is important to inform Barmini at your earliest convenience. Since many of the cocktails are unconventionally prepared, you will want to make them aware of any food allergies. 

Barmini Cocktail Flight Review: Summary

If you can afford the splurge, Barmini is not just a good place – it is a great place. This cocktail bar has done a great job using modern techniques to create drinks that will leave you in awe. You will watch seemingly normal ingredients mix and transform into something special in front of your eyes.  Especially if you are here for a special occasion like a birthday celebration, you will not be disappointed. 

The overall experience screams high end and the entire team here makes sure that you will have a great expereince. With each cocktail being made with an unconventional twist, your taste buds are really in for a treat.

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