Best Italian Restaurants In Dupont Circle

There are so many great Italian restaurants near Dupont Circle Washington DC. Whether you want to grab a drink during happy hour, celebrate special occasions, or swing by for a casual good time, you will have plenty of options to choose from in the nation’s capital.

Best Italian Restaurants Near Dupont Circle For Elevated Dining Experience

Washington DC has so many great Italian restaurants. Here are some of our picks for best Italian restaurants near Dupont Circle.


Obelisk is a female owned Italian restaurant located in the Dupont Circle neighborhood of Washington, DC. It is known for its intimate and minimalistic vibe. There is a 5 course menu that changes frequently based on seasonal ingredients. If you have certain dietary restrictions, the restaurant may not be able to accommodate them (gluten free, vegan or dairy free may be difficult to accommodate). Be sure to contact the restaurant ahead of time. 

The famous restaurant is located in a 1930’s row house in Dupont Circle and has been serving Italian food since the summer of 1987. The restaurant has received positive reviews for its authentic Italian cuisine and attentive service. 

Al Tiramisu – Classic Italian

Al Tiramisu is located a couple minutes walking distance away and only a block over from Dupont Circle on P St NW. It has been in the neighborhood for over 20 years, since 1996. The vibe here is classic Italian.

This restaurant is known for its seafood pasta dishes, the most popular being the Lobster Linguine and is only offered seasonally. The Lobster Linguine is fresh lobster pieces mixed into house-made linguine and topped with a light tomato sauce.

Al Tiramisu uses local produce and the freshest ingredients. The restaurant has seasonal desserts and even their own line of house-made liquors. It is one of the highest rated Italian restaurants and best places to go in Washington DC.


Floriana is located on 17th St NW and is about a 5-7 minute walk from Dupont Circle. It is open for dinner on weekdays and both lunch and dinner on weekends. All their pasta is fresh and handmade. 

Their most famous dish is their Famously Delicious Lasagna. Their other most popular dishes are the Black Gnocchi and the Lamb Gnocchi. The Black Gnocchi is an appetizer infused with squid ink and a lobster cream sauce. The Lamb Gnocchi is a dinner dish that contains lamb ragu, basil, and and ricotta cheese. Floriana is a great place to go near Dupont Circle which makes fresh pasta and also has a great collection of wines.

Sfogalina Van Ness – Michelin Rated Bib Gourmand

North of Dupont Circle is the area of Van Ness. To get here you will have to take a taxi or ride share about 3 miles up Connecticut Avenue. There is a Sfogalina here that is very highly rated and has been awarded a Bib Gourmand rating by the Michelin guide. There are two other locations for this restaurant as well but this one is the most highly rated. 

Ristorante i Ricchi – Traditional Classic

Ristorante i RIcchi is a 5 minute walk down 19th street from Dupont Circle. It is an up-scale restaurant with white tablecloths and an all-Italian wine list. Its goal is to showcase the Tuscan region in iIaly and how straight forward their dishes are, which includes prime aged beef grilled over live embers, simple pasta dishes and risottos, grilled seafood and fowl, freshly baked bread, and homemade desserts. 

The appetizers, especially the fried calamari are incredible, and they also have daily specials. The family favorite is the Tortelloni al Burro e Salvia, which tortellini filled with ricotta and spinach coated in a butter and fresh sage sauce. Ristorante i Ricchi is an incredible authentic Italian cuisine with a rustic dining room that gives a warm ambience to the restaurant making it one of the best Italian spots in the area.  

​Annabelle Restaurant

Annabelle is technically a Contemporary American restaurant but they carry several Italian dishes that are truly delicious. In addition, the restaurant is absolutely charming and a wonderful place to dine.

It is located just off the main part of the Dupont Circle area and has both indoor and outdoor seating. The Hand Cut Tagliatelle with shaved summer truffle, chanterelle mushrooms, and summer corn is one of the best pasta dishes in the DMV area. 

Certo – New Italian Restaurant

Certo is a new to the Italian restaurant scene in Dupont Circle. The restaurant is located inside the Royal Sonesta Hotel, just a couple blocks from the main part of Dupont Circle.

This restaurant specializes in Italian coastal cuisine, featuring house-made pizzas, pastas, and dishes made with local meats and seafood. They also have space available for private dining and private parties.

Best Italian Restaurants Near Dupont Circle For Casual Dining

The Italian restaurants below are also in Dupont Circle and offer a more casual vibe for dining. 

La Tomate

La Tomate is located about 5 minutes up from Dupont Circle on Connecticut Ave NW. This restaurant has an Italian Cafe theme to it with a bar, outdoor seating and a cafe portion that is open from breakfast to late-night. The cafe serves homemade pastries, breads, coffee drinks, juices, breakfast foods, salads, and more. 

The restaurant itself has phenomenal classic Italian dishes. Their most popular dishes are the ravioli and bolognese. For dessert, the Tiramisu has been raved about by guests and is said to be the amongst the best they have ever had. The dishes here are on the higher price end, however, they all have top-tier reviews that state it is worth it. La Tomate has great restaurant reviews, a versatile cafe, and amazing food.

Pizzeria Paradiso

Pizzeria Paradiso is one of the most known pizza places in the DC area and has 4 separate locations, including one in the heart of Georgetown. They also have a location in Dupont Circle, which is only a couple minute walk from the circle and only one block over. 

This restaurant makes the crust their main focus on the pizza, so they make it in a wood-fire stove. The most popular dish is the Margherita Pizza. The 9 inch selection is perfect for one person, and it also comes in larger sizes too. The tiramisu is a customer favorite for dessert and is said to fulfill your taste buds and sweet tooth. Pizzeria Paradiso is a great place to go for pizza that offers friendly service and great food in the heart of Dupont circle.

Giovanni’s Trattu

Giovanni’s Trattu is located on Jefferson place, which is no more than a 6 minute walk from Dupont Circle. They are reasonably prices, open for lunch and dinner, and provide excellently rated service. They aim to keep it very simple and not include fusion dishes. 

The Spaghetti Carbonara and Linguine with Clams are both popular dishes along with the Buccatini Alla Matriciana. The sauces are raved about by guests, especially the white wine sauce for the Linguine with Clams. Giovanni’s Trattu is a great spot for either date night or a family dinner due to its casual and intimate ambiance.

Sette Osteria

Sette Osteria is about a 5 minute walk from Dupont Circle along Connecticut Avenue. They boast an impressive assortment of authentic Italian food, including home made pastas, wood-fired pizzas, fresh fish, and top quality meat. They make it their goal to have a dish for everybody from kids to adults, including vegan and gluten-free dishes as well. They also have covered patio seating. 

Linguini Della Paranza and the Quattro Stagioni Pizze are the customer favorites here, along with their amazing carbonara pasta. They also serve breakfast and brunch on weekends. Sette Osteria is definitely at the top of most authentic Italian restaurant lists due to their variety of food. It is a more casual dining spot when compared to some of the other restaurants on this list. 

Best Italian Restaurants Near Dupont Circle: Summary

Some of Washington DC’s best restaurants are located in and around Dupont Circle. These include Obelisk, Floriana, and Sfogolina Van Ness (about 12 minutes North of Dupont).

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