Are you traveling to Washington, DC? Exploring the iconic National Mall and famous Monuments is a lot of fun, but finding good parking can be a little challenging. Lets take a look at the best parking in Washington DC near monuments. For easy parking the best times to visit the nation’s capital are during the off season months.

Discover The Best Parking Spots Near Washington DC Monuments

To ensure a seamless visit to the nation’s capital, you will want to plan ahead when it comes to parking. This guide will help you to find the best options when it comes to prime parking. Be sure to budget your time and money accordingly. A free spot may be hard to find as most of the street parking near the monuments is metered. 

There are also several resources like SpotHero and the ParkMobile app which have an online booking system. Scroll all the way down to learn about these resources.

Parking Near Lincoln Memorial

  • No street parking right in front of the Lincoln Memorial.
  • The nearest street parking is on Constitution Avenue, just a 10-minute walk away.
  • Convenient parking garages nearby: Madison Building Garage (145 Constitution Avenue NW) and Federal Triangle Garage (401 9th Street NW).

Washington Monument

  •  There is no street parking directly in front of the Washington Monument.
  • The closest street parking is on Ohio Drive, a quick 15-minute walk away.
  • Explore nearby parking garages: L’Enfant Plaza Garage (480 L’Enfant Plaza Metro Station SW) and 14th Street Garage (1401 14th Street NW).

Jefferson Memorial

  • No street parking right in front of the Jefferson Memorial.
  • The nearest street parking with parking meters is on East Basin Drive, only a 10-minute walk away.
  • Discover nearby parking garages: Tidal Basin Parking Garage (1850 Ohio Drive SW) and East Potomac Park Parking Garage (1990 East Potomac Park Drive SW).

Vietnam Veterans Memorial

  • Street parking is not available directly in front of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.
  • The closest street parking is on Constitution Avenue, just a 5-minute walk away.
  • Convenient parking garages nearby: Madison Building Garage (145 Constitution Avenue NW) and Federal Triangle Garage (401 9th Street NW).

World War II Memorial

  • No street parking right in front of the World War II Memorial.
  • The nearest street parking is Constitution Avenue, a 10-minute walk away.
  • Access nearby parking garages: Madison Building Garage (145 Constitution Avenue NW) and Federal Triangle Garage (401 9th Street NW).

Street Parking ear the Washington Monument

Discovering the perfect street parking spot near the majestic Washington Monument is a breeze. Here is your essential list:

 Constitution Drive

Park with history at your doorstep.

  • Rate: $2.30 per hour
  •  Time Limit: 2 hours

Madison Drive NW

Scenic parking for monument admirers.

  • Rate: $2.30 per hour
  • Time Limit: 3-hour time limit (max)

Independence Avenue NW

Patriotically parked steps from the monument.

  •  Rate: $2.30 per hour
  • Time Limit: 2 hours

Jefferson Drive NW

Presidential parking with a view.

  • Rate: $2.30 per hour
  • Hour Limit: 2 hours

Street Parking near Lincoln Memorial

Limited free street parking is available near the Lincoln Memorial. The best spots are on Ohio Drive SW, just south of the memorial. Some free parking is also available on Constitution Avenue NW, but it is limited. Be ready to search for a spot, as parking can fill up fast, especially during busy times. The best time to snag a street parking spot is right around 930 AM when much of it becomes available. 

Ohio Drive Bliss

  • Free street parking along Ohio Drive, located just south of the Lincoln Memorial.
  • Parking duration is limited to a maximum of two hours.
  • Caution: Strict enforcement of ticketing and towing in this area.

Constitution Avenue Charm

  • Street parking spaces here are available at the western end of Constitution Avenue.
  • Some parking spaces offer free parking but come with a two-hour time limit.

Jefferson Memorial Gem

  • Discover additional free parking just below the majestic Jefferson Memorial.

Heed the Signs

  • Vital Tip: Always pay close attention to parking signs and restrictions.
  • Washington, DC, strictly enforces parking regulations.

Consider Alternatives

  • Save yourself the parking hunt by opting for public transportation or ride-sharing services.
  • Privately owned garages, like the Valet Assist Garage at 555 21st St. NW, also offer parking near the Lincoln Memorial.

Parking near Jefferson Memorial

Make the most of your visit to the Lincoln Memorial with these parking options, but remember to stay within the time limits and obey parking rules to avoid inconveniences.

General Parking

  • West Basin Drive
  • Ohio Drive SW
  • Tidal Basin parking lot along Maine Ave., SW

Limited Free Day-Long Parking

  • Ohio Drive, SW (along the Potomac River, south of Lincoln Memorial)
  • Lots A (It is located near the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, DC)

Reserve Parking

  • Use SpotHero to reserve Jefferson Memorial parking

District Wharf Garage (Lot 882 Entrance)

  • Convenient parking option near the Jefferson Memorial
  • Easily accessible from the Wharf area

Free Southwest Neighborhood Shuttle

  • Provides access to parking options and Jefferson Memorial
  • Stops at critical locations: Wharf, SW Duck Pond, L’Enfant Plaza Area Metro, and the National Mall

Additional Free General Parking

  • Ohio Drive SW (next to Potomac River)
  • West Basin Drive
  • Tidal Basin parking lot along Maine Ave., SW

Important Tip: Parking near the Jefferson Memorial can be limited, especially during peak tourist season. It is recommended to arrive early or consider public transportation to avoid parking issues.

Parking Garages Near DC Monuments

There are many parking lots and parking garages near the DC monuments. 

Monument Parking at 1707 L Street NW

Although not right next to the Washington Monument, this parking garage provides another reliable option.

National Place Parking at 560 13th Street NW

If you find yourself near 13th Street, this parking garage is a viable choice for your visit.

600 E Street NW Parking Garage

This garage offers proximity and convenience, suitable for those exploring the Washington Monument.

901 E St NW Valet Garage Parking

This valet garage offers convenient parking just a stone’s throw away from the Washington Monument. It is an excellent option if you prefer a hassle-free parking experience.

975 F St NW Carroll Square Garage

Located nearby, this garage provides ample parking space. It is a short walk to the monument, making it an excellent choice for visitors.

505 9th Street NW Parking

Situated close to the monument, this parking facility is convenient and accessible, making it a top pick for those exploring the area.

901 F St Valet Garage Parking

Another valet option, this garage is near the Washington Monument, offering convenience and quick access.

616 E St NW Garage Parking

This garage is within walking distance of the monument and provides a safe and secure place to park your vehicle.

1325 18th St Garage Parking

Located a bit further away but still a reasonable walk, this garage offers a good parking solution for those looking to avoid the crowds.

Hyatt Centric Garage Parking

If you are staying at the Hyatt Centric or nearby hotels, this garage is a convenient choice for parking your vehicle while exploring the monument.

1100 G Street NW Parking

This parking option is just a short distance from the Washington Monument and perfect for those who want to be close to the action.

601 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Parking

Situated near the monument, this parking facility is an excellent choice for visitors looking for accessible parking options.

777 6th Street NW Garage Parking

This garage provides secure parking and is within a reasonable walking distance from the Washington Monument.

375 E Street SW Garage Parking

While a bit farther away, this garage offers a cost-effective parking solution for those willing to walk to the monument.

101 Constitution Avenue NW Parking

This parking facility is conveniently located for those visiting the monument and nearby attractions.

Washington, DC Parking Resources

SpotHero DC

The go-to app for hassle-free parking reservations with real-time updates and discounts.

“Where can I park?” Official city website providing parking options, parking rates, and neighborhood tips.

ParkMobile App

Many of the street parking meters can be paid with this app. Be sure to download it ahead of time so that you can quickly pay, be on your way, and avoid parking tickets. 

SP+ Parking

Locate SP+ parking facilities, rates, and hours on their website.

Colonial Parking

Trusted provider with nearby locations, pricing, and facility details on their website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there on-site Washington Monument parking?

Public parking is available at the Paddle Boat parking lot on Maine Avenue SW and along Ohio Drive SW, between the Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson Memorials. If this lot is whole, you can look for street parking or reserve a spot in a nearby indoor garage.

Is there accessible public parking in Washington DC?

While the chance of discovering free street parking is higher away from commercial zones, it’s essential to note that in many residential neighborhoods offering such spaces, a strict two-hour time restriction applies to non-residents.

Is there a free parking spot near the Washington Monument?

Limited free parking is available near the Washington Monument along Constitution Avenue. However, these spots are often occupied early, and towaway times start at 4 p.m. Opting for off-site parking in a nearby garage is recommended for a safer and hassle-free experience.

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