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Looking for the most Instagrammable places in DC? Look no further! 

This is your ultimate guide to the best places to take a perfect picture to level up your Instagram game. From iconic monuments and beautiful restaurants to hidden gems, this is a complete list of the most Instagrammable places that Washington D.C. has. 

Most Instagrammable Places In DC: Restaurants & Hotels

Washington DC has some of the most beautiful restaurants and hotels. Here are some of our favorite spots for good food, great vibes, and some great social media pictures. 

The Bar At Imperfecto In West End

Imperfecto is a fine dining restaurant by the Seven Reasons Group. This beautiful restaurant has a gorgeous bar area that is just perfect for snapping a picture for your Instagram.

The Bar At Imperfecto In West End

Beautiful lighting and arches at Imperfecto

Moonraker In DC Wharf

Moonraker at the Pendry Hotel is definitely Instagram worthy. Not only is the restaurant design beautiful, this scenic DC rooftop bar and restaurant has views for miles. It also has some really good sushi if you have time to grab a bite.

Water views from Moonraker

Fig And Olive

Fig And Olive is a restaurant with locations in DC, New York as well as Texas. In addition to being one of the most Instagrammable places in DC, this restaurant also has a great happy hour on Sundays as well as late night. 

Fig And Olive

Coastal decor inside Fig And Olive

The DC location is multilevel with cozy couches and a library wall. The bar is located centrally and highlights the ceiling height. City Center in general is a great place to take photos for your social media profile. 

Old Post Office Pavilion – Waldorf Astoria

The historic Old Post Office Pavilion was converted to a hotel many years ago. The Waldorf Astoria brand took over in 2022. The lobby of this hotel is truly special as many historic elements from the Old Post Office Pavilion have been kept intact.

The lobby and lobby ceiling of the now Waldorf Astoria Hotel

Maman Bakery

Maman is a coffee shop and bakery that has exploded all over the DC area. This beautiful coffee shop is full of floral decore and a French countryside vibe. There are endless opportunities for taking great photos here. 

Table centerpieces at Maman

A table for two at Maman in Penn Quarter

Tatte Bakery

This cafe has many locations throughout the DC area. It is by far one of the most popular coffee shops in the DMV. The aesthetic and design is that of a French cafe but don’t worry the menu is expansive with plenty of choices. Their dishes are not only tasty but have a great presentation making for great photographs for posting on social media. 

Oliva Macaron In Georgetown

Georgetown has tons of great coffee shops, and this dessert spot is one of them. Olivia Macaron has a really cute interior design making it perfect for a social media picture.

The cute cafe inside Olivia Macaron

The cute cafe inside Olivia Macaron

The Lobby Bar At The Riggs Hotel

The Riggs Hotel is historic because this hotel used to be a bank. “The Bar at Café Riggs has an opulent setting within the hotel’s original barrel-vaulted lobby. It’s a great place to take a selfie!

The Lobby Bar At The Riggs Hotel

The Line Hotel

Another historic hotel is the Line Hotel which was once an old church. With its high ceilings and beautiful design, the Line Hotel has tons of places to get some very Instagram worthy pictures. 

The Line Hotel

High ceilings at The Line Hotel

Ciel Rooftop At The AC Hotel

Ciel is a popular rooftop lounge that has great views as well as beautiful design. There are several AC Hotels in the DC area so be sure you head to the correct venue.

Ciel Rooftop At The AC Hotel

The Back Room At L’avant Garde

L’avant Garde is a swanky cocktail lounge right on M street in Georgetown. Head to the back of this cocktail bar, past the bar area to find a beautifully designed library where you can sit and enjoy your premium crafted drink. Don’t forget to take some beautiful pictures while you are there.

The Library at L’Avant Garde

Most Instagrammable Places In DC: Hidden Gems & Local Favorites

Outside of the traditional tourist spots there are tons of other places for an Instagram worthy photo shoot. These somewhat hidden gems are known to many locals but if you are local you may find some places on this list that surprise you. 

Basilica Of The National Shrine Of The Immaculate Conception

The Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception is DC’s tallest building. It is 329 feet tall. Even though the structure is massive, many locals do not know that this beautiful building even exists. 

Basilica Of The National Shrine Of The Immaculate Conception

Franciscan Monastery Garden

The Franciscan Monastery Garden in DC is perfect for Instagram photos. Located in the Brookland neighborhood, your pictures will have a beautiful backdrop filled with plenty of flowers, long walkways, and tons of greenery. It is also a popular place for weddings and special events. 

Franciscan Monastery Garden

Specifically within the Monastery, there is a section called the Rosary Portico. This area has beautiful arches and mosaics. You can also take pictures in the Grotto of Lourdes which looks like a cave from France. The flower gardens are colorful and bright. There are many interesting shrines and statues. 

Culture House DC / Technicolor Church

The Culture House DC was formerly known as Blind Whino. It is a community arts space housed in a historic church. The building itself is a work of art. It is covered in vibrant, colorful murals that transform it into a visual spectacle. The extremely colorful exterior make it one of the most photographed spots in the city. 

The vibrant colors of Culture House

The vibrant colors of Culture House DC make the perfect backdrop for a picture

Inside, the gallery spaces and event areas continue the artistic theme, offering plenty of opportunities for capturing dynamic and vibrant images. This is also an event venue that can be rented for special events.

City Center

City Center is not exactly hidden but it is one of our favorite places to take a great photo. This shopping district in Washington DC is upscale and beautiful. 

City Center

Rotating art display at City Center

There is a rotating display of art installations that hang from above as you walk from store to store. It’s a great place to take a photo for your Instagram account.

Friendship Archway In Chinatown

Just down the street from City Center is the start of Chinatown. Here you will find Friendship Archway which is pictured below. 

Friendship Archway In Chinatown

Take a picture for your Instagram under the Friendship Archway in Chinatown

Glenstone Museum In Potomac

While not in Washington, DC, Glenstone Museum in Potomac, Maryland, is worth mentioning due to its close proximity and extraordinary appeal. The museum seamlessly integrates contemporary art, architecture, and landscape. Its minimalist design, vast outdoor sculptures, and tranquil surroundings make it a paradise for Instagrammers. The museum’s serene paths, reflective pools, and striking modernist architecture provide a serene backdrop for artistic and contemplative photos.

Blagden Alley

Blagden Alley is a hidden gem in the Shaw neighborhood of Washington DC. This alley is well known to the locals in the area for its fun street art and historic charm. 

The colorful murals and graffiti art provide a striking backdrop for photos, making every corner of this alley a visual delight. The juxtaposition of old brick buildings with modern art creates a unique urban aesthetic that is perfect for Instagram. 

Also, Blagden Alley is a really fun place. It is lined with cool bars and some award-winning restaurants. 

United States National Arboretum

The United States National Arboretum is a lush oasis in the heart of DC, offering diverse landscapes and stunning natural beauty. Instagrammers flock here for the breathtaking views of the Capitol Columns, a set of 22 Corinthian columns that once supported the East Portico of the U.S. Capitol. The Arboretum’s extensive collection of bonsai trees, azaleas, and vibrant seasonal blooms provides endless opportunities for capturing nature’s splendor. The serene environment and scenic vistas make it a perfect spot for both nature lovers and photographers.

Watermelon House Near Logan Circle

The Watermelon House near Logan Circle in Washington, DC, is a fun and quirky house painted to look like a giant watermelon. The massive watermelon mural became a local landmark after the owners accidentally chose a bright red color for the exterior. They then decided to embrace their mistake by adding green stripes and black “seeds,”  to the painting. This very colorful house is definitely an Instagram-worthy spot in DC. 

Meridian Hill Park

Meridian Hill Park, also known as Malcolm X Park, is an urban park with a rich history and beautiful design. The park has several elegant statues, and acres of scenic field that you can capture for your Instagram feed. 

Meridian Hill Park

Meridian Hill Park

There is a 13-basin cascading fountain, which is actually the largest in North America. This is a pretty popular spot for photos. This park has a good mix of formal and informal garden areas, historic monuments, and open spaces.

Union Station 

Union Station is not just a transportation hub. It is an architectural masterpiece and a historic landmark. The grand Beaux-Arts design, with its sweeping arches, ornate details, and majestic columns, makes for stunning photographs. The elegant Main Hall has a gold-leaf ceiling and intricate details. It is a fun and dramatic setting for photos. 

Outside the arches also make for a great photo opportunity when you next visit Union Station.

Union Station 

Arches on the outside of Union Station

Union Market

Union Market is a vibrant food hall and cultural space, offering a feast for both the eyes and the palate. The market’s colorful murals, eclectic mix of food vendors, and lively atmosphere make it a dynamic spot for Instagrammers. The industrial-chic aesthetic, with exposed brick, neon signs, and creative décor, provides an urban backdrop that’s both trendy and inviting. 

You should also check out the Hi-Lawn at Union Market when the weather is nice. This makes for beautiful pictures of food and drink against the backdrop of a vast and spacious lawn area. A short walk from the main Union Market area you will find the famous heart wall. This is also a great place for pictures. 

DC Metro Stations

The DC metro is one of the best metro systems in the country. Some of the metro stations make a great backdrop for an instagram picture. 

DC Metro Stations

Capital South Metro Station in DC

Most Instagrammable Places In DC: Tourist Spots

A list of the most instagrammable places in DC would not be complete without including some of the most famous places to visit in DC.

Washington Monument – Especially During The Kite Festival

The Washington Monument is stunning, especially during the Kite Festival when the sky is filled with colorful kites, creating a fun and lively scene.

Washington Monument - Especially During The Kite Festival

Early morning at the Washington Monument

Kogod Courtyard at The National Portrait Gallery

This courtyard features a beautiful glass roof and pretty water features, making it a perfect spot for artsy photos.

​Supreme Court Steps

The Supreme Court building is located right near the Capitol. It has a neoclassical architectural style with impressive marble columns and grand steps. Taking pictures here is popular with locals and tourists to Washington D.C.

Supreme Court Steps

US Supreme Court exterior view

The Great Hall In The Library Of Congress

The Library of Congress in Washington, DC, is the largest library in the world. It serves as the research library for the United States Congress. There are several different rooms which have stunning architecture. The most famous of these is the Great Hall. This room has elaborate decor and is home to millions of books, photographs, maps, and manuscripts.

National Harbor Ferris Wheel

National Harbor is technically in Maryland, but you can easily get there via car or water taxi. The giant ferris wheel here is great for social media pictures. You can take pictures in front of the Capital Wheel or from up top when you are actually riding it. Afterwards, enjoy some of the fun activities and good food in National Harbor.

National Harbor Ferris Wheel

Capital Wheel at sunset

United States Botanic Garden

Full of beautiful plants and flowers, the Botanic Garden offers lots of green and colorful backdrops for nature inspired shots. The exterior of the US Botanical Garden is also a great place for Instagram pictures with its glass walls.

United States Botanic Garden

Exterior of the US Botanical Garden

National Gallery Of Art

With its amazing art and stunning architecture, you can take stylish and sophisticated photos here. The Rotunda with its grand dome and the Sculpture Garden featuring modern and classical sculptures.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial

The reflective wall and touching tribute make for a powerful and respectful photo opportunity. For the best effect, take pictures at sunset when the lighting adds a dramatic touch.

World War II Memorial

The impressive fountains and architecture of this memorial create great photo opportunities, especially at sunset, when the lighting enhances the memorial’s grandeur.

White House

As a famous and iconic building, taking a photo in front of the White House is a must. It’s classic and instantly recognizable.

The iconic White House

Jefferson Memorial During Cherry Blossoms

In spring, the cherry blossoms around the Jefferson Memorial are breathtaking and make for beautiful, romantic photos. The reflection of the cherry blossom trees in the water of the Tidal Basin make for some pretty incredible photography shots. 

Jefferson Memorial During Cherry Blossoms

Lincoln Memorial And Reflecting Pool

The large statue of Lincoln and the view from the steps, with the Reflecting Pool capturing the monument’s reflection, are iconic. It’s fantastic for dramatic and historic shots. 

The best time to get the perfect picture here is in the early morning. This will allow you to take pictures from many different angles without having to worry about getting tons of tourists in the picture. Since it is such a popular spot with toursts, going in the early morning means that there will likely be fewer people to compete with.  

Smithsonian American Art Museum

The museum’s art and unique spaces offer creative backdrops for artistic photos. The Luce Foundation Center with its open display cases and the Great Hall with its intricate architectural details.

United States Capitol

The Capitol’s impressive dome and grand architecture are perfect for capturing a piece of American history and government. The structure is magnificent, and the surrounding grounds offer plenty of photo opportunities.

National Gallery Of The Art

The National Gallery Of Art is located right next to the National Museum Of Natural History. The National Gallery Of Art has many places to take photos indoors but one of the most notable things about this place is their outdoor sculpture garden. On nice days, take a walk through this garden for a stunning backdrop for your pictures. 

Hirshhorn Museum

The Hirshhorn Museum in Washington, DC focuses on modern and contemporary art. It has many interesting sculptures and paintings where you can take pictures in front of. The outside of the building also stands out because it has a unique round shape. 

Arlington Memorial Bridge

The Arlington Memorial Bridge spans over the Potomac River to connect DC to Arlington, Virginia. It is a symbolic link between the Lincoln Memorial and Arlington National Cemetery. The bridge itself has neoclassical architecture and has really stunning views of the iconic DC landmarks. You can take pictures on the bridge itself as well as from the bridge. 

Most Instagrammable Places In DC: Summary

When it comes to the most Instagrammable places in DC, there are so many beautiful places. From the National Mall to Capitol Hill, the nation’s capital is filled with great spots for your social media feed. Finding the perfect place depends on what you love to have on your Instagram feed. If you want beautiful photos of iconic monuments, hit up the classic tourist spots like the Washington Monument and the Jefferson Memorial. For places that are less well known, check out Blagden’s Alley, Glen Stone Museum, and the Line Hotel. 

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