Snow tubing is tons of fun for the whole family, including young children. There are plenty of options when it comes to snow tubing near Washington DC and some fresh-air fun.

12 Best Snow Tubing Near Washington DC

Washington, D.C. and the neighboring areas in the DMV have a variety of snow tubing destinations. Whether you want to experience snow tubing with your family or with your spouse, there’s a perfect place for everyone. We have organized the list below according to approximate distance from downtown Washington DC.

Snow Tubing Minimum Height And Age

Keep in mind that both Virginia and Maryland have minimum age and height requirements for snow riders as follows:

Maryland: At least 4 years old AND at least 42 inches tall

Virginia: At least 4 yeras old AND 36 inches tall

Pennsylvania: Typically at least 42 inches tall

West Virginia: Typically at least 42 inches tall and 4 feet tall but Snowshoe Mountain has a special area for very young children.

Let’s take a look at the best snow tubing near Washington DC so you can plan your winter getaway better. 

Snow Riders At Harper’s Ferry – 75 Minutes From DC – Best Option For A Day Trip!

Harper’s Ferry is a popular road trip from Washington DC due to its historical significance. Many people don’t know that Harper’s Ferry actually has one of the closest places for snow tubing from the DMV area. 

Snow Riders Tubing Hill at River Riders is about one hour from Washington, D.C. They have 12 different tubing lanes, and the snow tubing hill is almost 3 football fields long, making it the longest tubing slope on the east coast.  

Location: Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia

Distance: 64 miles

Cost: $34 for a 90 minute session

Need To Know: They are accepting reservations for January 2024 and February 2024 using their online reservation system.

Liberty Mountain Resort Snow Tubing – 90 Minutes From DC

Liberty Mountain Resort is just under 2 hours by car from Washington, D.C. and offers a fun snow tubing experience. Located in the picturesque setting of Carroll Valley, Pennsylvania, this winter wonderland has tons of tubing lanes good for all ages as well as experience levels. Liberty Mountain Resort covers whether you’re a novice or a snow tubing pro.

The tubing lanes are meticulously groomed to ensure a smooth and safe descent down the snow-covered slopes. Grab a tube, climb to the top, and then zoom down the hill, feeling the rush of cold air against your face. If you don’t feel like climbing on foot, the Liberty Mountain Resort has a magic carpet lift, which is a conveyor belt that brings you back to the top of the hill.

This resort provides tubes, so you don’t need to worry about lugging equipment with you. And when you’ve had your tubing fill, warm up by the cozy fire pit or indulge in some hot cocoa at the lodge.

Location: Carroll Valley, Pennsylvania

Distance:  75 miles

Cost: $25 to $35

Need To Know: Minimum height of 42 inches

Roundtop Mountain Resort Snow Tubing – 1 hour 45 Minutes From DC

For an action-packed snow tubing adventure, head to Roundtop Mountain Resort in Lewisberry, Pennsylvania. This resort is just a 1-and-a-half-hour drive from Washington, D.C. 

This family-friendly resort offers an extensive tubing area with multiple lanes, making it an ideal destination for groups of all sizes. For this resort you must be 42 inches to particpate in snow tubing. 

The resort provides the tubes, making it hassle-free for visitors. After your exhilarating tubing session, take a break in the cozy lodge and savor a steaming cup of hot chocolate.

Location: Lewisberry, Pennsylvania

Distance: 111 miles

Cost: $25 to $35

Need To Know: Minimum height of 42 inches

Whitetail Mountain Resort Snow Tubing – 2 Hours From DC

Whitetail Resort, located in Mercersburg, Pennsylvania, is not too far from Libery Mountain Resort. It is also about a 90 minute to 2 hour drive from DC depending on traffic. A scenic 1-hour 30-minute drive will take you to this winter playground, where you can embrace the thrill of tubing down well-groomed slopes.

Whitetail Resort offers a tubing area with various lanes, ensuring a perfect path for everyone in your group. The resort provides the tubes, so you only need to bring your enthusiasm for winter fun. 

The snow tubing sessions at the Whitetail resort are usually organized into time blocks. Tickets can be reserved online once they open for snow tubing season (typically by November or December)

Location: Mercersburg, Pennsylvania

Distance: 87 miles

Heritage Hills Resort – 2 Hours From DC

The Heritage Hills Resort is in York, Pennsylvania and is a 2 hour drive from Washington DC. This resort during peak season has 10 tubing lanes. During some winter seasons you can also snow tube at night, but for most people with young children, tubing from 8 to 10 PM will be too late.  For exact details on this season, be sure to check out their website. 

Location: York, Pennsylvania

Distance From DC: 94 miles

Bryce Resort Snow Tubing – 2 Hours From DC

Bryce Resort in Basye, Virginia, is a fantastic choice for snow tubing, approximately 2-hour drive from Washington, D.C. This winter destination offers a tubing park that promises endless fun for the whole family.

Bryce Resort’s tubing park features well-maintained lanes, ensuring a safe and thrilling experience. The resort provides tubes so that you can leave your equipment at home. Sessions here are 90 minutes and you should purchase tickets in advance. 

Location: Basye, VA 22810

Distance from DC: 120 miles 

Cost: $29 per session

Massanutten Resort Snow Tubing – 2 Hours From DC

Massanutten Resort has Virginia’s largest tubing park. It is an extremely popular destination for snow tubing. The resort is located in McGaheysville, Virginia, which is about 2 hours away from Washington DC depending on where you live. This resort with its massive tubing park with has exciting options for all ages. 

Massanutten Resort’s tubing lanes are designed to provide an exhilarating experience while ensuring safety. As expected, Virginia’s largest snow tubing park has tubes available onsite so you do not need to bring your own equipment. After your tubing session, take advantage of the resort’s amenities, including a cozy lodge with delicious food and warm beverages. There is also a magic carpet lift here so you can use the conveyor belt to get back up the hill rather than having to walk. 

Due to its popularity and being one of the best snow tubing places, you should book your snow tubing tickets online ahead of time. Tickets cost $32 during the week Monday to Friday for 90-minute sessions and $42 for the weekend. 

Location: McGaheysville, Virginia

Distance From DC: 130 miles depending on the route

Cost: $32 Monday to Friday for 90-minute sessions; $42 for Saturday / Sunday

Need To Know: The snow tubing season here typically is from December to March so check their website in the fall to make reservations.

Wintergreen Resort – 3 Hours Away

Wintergreen Resort is another popular east coast destination for snow tubing. Here you can experience the thrill of racing down Virginia’s biggest tubing hill, The Plunge. Snow tubing down this hill means you could reach speeds of up to 30 mph! 

Tickets need to be bought online and ahead of time. Book early since it tends to sell out. The rules at this resort are stricter than the rest of Virginia. They want riders to be at least 42 inches tall and 6 years of age.

Location: Nellysford, VA

Distance From Washington DC: 180 miles 

Cost: $24

Wisp Resort – 3.5 Hours Away From DC

Wisp Resort is located near Deep Creek Lake in Maryland. Deep Creek is a year round destination and it has many summer activities like hiking and even golf. In the winter months, you can enjoy skiiing, snowboarding and snow tubing. 

The Wisp Resort like many of the other places mentioned also has Conveyor Carpets. With up to twelve tubing chutes each 750 ft. long, designated helpers, and its own snowmaking and grooming, Wisp Resort is a great place to enjoy this activity. In Maryland there is a legal requirement that in order to snow tube, children must be at least 4 years old as well as at least 42 inches tall. 

This destination is probably best enjoyed as weekend getaway from DC due to the distance that you need to drive to get here from the DC metro area. 

Location: McHenry, MD

Distance From Washington DC: 180 miles 

Cost: $24 to $34 per session

Seven Springs Mountain Resort – 3.5 Hours Away From DC

Seven Springs Mountain Resort in Pennsylvania has snow tubing for anyone who is 42 inches or taller. They also have ski areas, ski trails and snowboarding. 

The season for snow tubing will typically open up around late November / December and last until March. Be sure to check the website in the fall for reservations.

Location: Seven Springs, PA
Distance From DC: 191 miles

Snowshoe Mountain Resort – 4 Hours 15 Min Away From DC

Snowshoe Mountain Resort in West Virginia is known as being one of the best ski resorts in the area. Thisis one of the best places for a winter weekend getaway from Washington DC. You can have so much fun here with all the different winter activities that they have. 

The Snowshoe Mountain area features the Coca-cola Tube Park. This is a 6-story, 8 lane snow tubing hill at Silver Creek. Like some of the other resorts mentioned above, this also has night snow tubing. 

This resort is great for families with very young children because they have a dedicated area where very young children can also enjoy the snow. For the main tubing hill, your children must be 4 years old and at least 36″ tall. But, for those children that are younger 4 years old and shorter than 36″, there is a separate tubing area, where there is no tow rope.

Location: West Virginia


Cost: $15 to $22 depending on age and time of week

Need To Know: All children welcome but designated areas available for those shorter than 36 inches.

Canaan Valley Resort – 4 Hours 15 Min Away From DC

Canaan valley resort is located in Davis, West Virginia. This resort is a year round destination as it features both summer and winter activities. 

Each session here is 2 hours and you can purchase your tickets online ahead of time. This multi lane tube park is actually one of the longest in the area and is 1200 feet long. There is a magic carpet conveyor belt that brings snow tubers back up to the top of the hill. 

Location: Davis, West Virginia

Distance: 180 milrd

Need To Know: Children must be 42 inches tall and 4 years old to ride and sessions are 2 hours long

Preparing You And Your Family For Snow Tubing

Here are a few general tips to make sure you and your family have a fantastic experience snow tubing.

  • Check the Resort’s Website: Before your trip, visit the resort’s website to confirm hours of operation, ticket prices, and any medical guidelines or restrictions in place.
  • Dress In Layers: Winter weather can be unpredictable. Dress in layers to stay warm and comfortable, and remember waterproof gloves, warm socks, and sturdy boots.
  • Arrive Early: To secure your spot and maximize your tubing adventure, arrive early, especially on weekends and holidays when resorts can get busy.
  • Respect Safety Rules: Follow all safety rules and guidelines the resort provides to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Best Snow Tubing Near Washington DC: Summary

Whether you are planning a winter day trip from DC or you hope to have a quick weekend getaway, there are plenty of options for snow tubing near Washington DC. Some destinations that make good day trips are Bryce Resort, Roundtop Mountain, Whitetail Resort, and Massanutten Resort. If you are able to spend a night or two near the slopes, then you also may want to check out Wisp Resort, Seven Springs Mountain Resort, and Snowshoe Mountain Resort this winter season.

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