There are plenty of wineries near Washington DC. The entire DMV region is filled with some of the best wineries in the country. Luckily, the District Of Columbia has easy access to wineries in both Virginia as well as Maryland. 

Let’s first take a look at wineries in Virginia near DC.

Wineries Near Washington DC: Virginia Wineries

If you live to Washington DC and you love wine, you are in luck! Many wineries that are famous in Virginia Wine Country are not far from the city. Here are some places where you can enjoy award-winning Virginia wine as well as beautiful scenery. From Fairfax County to Loudon County, let’s explore wineries that are close to DC. 

The Winery At Bull Run – 28 Miles

The Winery at Bull Run was inaugurated in 2012 with the aim of serving high-quality Virginia drinks. It’s the closest one that you can find near Washington, DC, and boasts a vintage setup, reflecting the history of the region. 

You can find exclusive seating options at the winery, including a Tasting Room, Adult and Family Lawn, and a Patio. The best part is that it does not require any pre-reservation to enjoy exotic drinks at the winery.

Distance From Washington DC: 28.3 miles

Paradise Springs Winery30 Miles

If you are looking to try a diverse range of wines near Washington, DC, Paradise Springs Winery is the place to go. At this winery, which is located very close to Clifton, Virginia, you can explore red, white, rose, desert, and sparkling wines of the highest quality. 

Also, the ambiance is worth appreciating with a log cabin that dates back to 1700 but was renovated in 1955. The best part is that you can become a member of the club to give yourself access to some exclusive discounts on drinks. This winery also offers wine delivery direct to your home. 

Distance from Washington DC: 30.2 miles 

Fleetwood Farm Winery – 34 Miles

Fleetwood is a lovely getaway right in northern Virginia, just a short drive from DC, Reston, Ashburn, and nearby places. You can have a wonderful time there, enjoying great wine in a calm setting. 

The gardens, designed by GreenWorks Landscaping, are quite beautiful as well. All in all, it’s a perfect spot for you to relax and savor the atmosphere.

Distance from Washington DC: 34.3 miles

Winery At La Grange – 40 Miles

The Winery at La Grange is not just any winery. Instead, it’s a real gem spread over 20 acres of land where high-quality grapes are grown to craft wines. The best part is that you can even visit an 18th-century Manor House for wine tasting. 

The property of La Grange has a rich history, dating back to the 1600s when it was part of Robert “King” Carter’s Bull Run Tract. Over the centuries, the property changed hands numerous times, and its acreage varied. The estate includes a three-story red brick manor house built by George Green, which has survived through the years. The winery’s history is intertwined with Prince William County’s winemaking heritage, as the area had several vineyards and wineries in the 1800s and early 1900s. This historical background adds a layer of depth and significance to the winery experience.

The Winery at La Grange offers an array of gourmet food selections, including artisan cheeses, gourmet meats, bread, and crackers. These food items are individually packaged for convenience, and selections may vary, with some items selling out quickly. This commitment to providing quality food complements their wine offerings and enhances the overall guest experience

Distance from Washington DC: 40.8 miles 

Quattro Goombas – 41 Miles

Also in Northern Virginia, near the historic village of Aldie, and not far from Greenhill Vineyard, is the Quattro Goombas Winery. The wines have an old-world style that might not be super fancy for you, but they go well with the beauty of Virginia. And since this place is in Loudoun County’s wine country, there are nice views and other wineries nearby to explore. 

Quattro Goombas also offers an adults-only wine tasting experience in their cabin, which is set apart as a 21+ area. This exclusive setting allows for a more focused and mature atmosphere for wine tasting. The winery does have walk-in tastings available on a first-come, first-served basis. Guests can taste wines made on-site from local Virginia vineyard grapes. This adults-only aspect ensures a serene and uninterrupted wine-tasting experience for adults visiting the winery

After drinking wine, you may be hungry. Well, luckily, Quattro Goombas Winery has a variety of food options. They are particularly known for their pizza, which is made with a unique crust that has been refined over decades, a recipe handed down from generations. In addition to pizza, their menu includes handmade appetizers, grinders, and sandwiches, all of which have become favorites among their customers and staf

Distance from Washington DC: 41.2 miles

Potomac Point Winery – 41 Miles

To escape from the busy life of the city, you can visit the Potomac Point Winery, which not only serves exotic wines but delicious meals as well. And the European setting just sets the mood right. 

The best part is that you can also go for wine tasting or flights to explore different flavors without paying too much. 

Distance from Washington DC: 41.3 miles 

Chrysalis Vineyards at the AG District – 42 Miles

The Chrysalis Vineyards, located within the Bull Run Mountains near Middleburg, focuses on growing grape varieties that ideally suit Virginia’s soils and climates. With that, they craft award-winning wines to impress their customers and attract new leads. 

It’s surprising to know that even the renowned Norton or The Real American Grape wine is also a production of this winery. Meanwhile, you can also find Spanish and French varieties on the menu as well. 

Distance from Washington DC: 42.5 miles

Stone Tower Winery44 Miles

Located near Washington, DC, the Stone Tower Winery is a family-owned vineyard boasting breathtaking views of the Hogback Mountain. The rustic tasting room here as both an indoor space as well as a very spacious outdoor patio. 

Even if there is inclement weather, the arrangement of seats and facilities under umbrellas and heaters ensure that guests can still enjoy the beautiful views. The winery’s design and layout are structured to maximize the panoramic scenery for visitors. It is a highly recommended spot for anyone who wants great wine in a scenic environment

What makes the land special is that it’s cherished by three generations of the Huber family, who grow special grapes on unique soils to brew high-quality, age-worthy wines for their customers. 

Distance from Washington DC: 43.8 miles 

Greenhill Vineyard – 44 Miles

Greenhill Vineyards in Virginia is a must-visit because they’re the top boutique winery in the area. When you go there, you’ll be greeted by an amazing team ready to serve you award-winning wine and tasty snacks.

All of this happens in a stunning countryside setting that’s perfect for relaxing. What makes their wine even more special is that it’s made from 100% Virginia grapes. 

Greenhill Vineyard is very close to Middleburg, Virginia. Middleburg is well known for its wine culture as well as plethora of dining destinations. This cute town is a great place to stop for lunch on a day trip to Virginia’s wine country.  

Distance from Washington DC: 44.8 miles 

Barrel Oak Winery – 52 Miles

Don’t forget to stop at the Barrel Oak Winery to taste some award-winning wines when visiting Washington, DC. There is a huge variety of drinks to explore here, starting from red wines to dessert and white and rose wines. 

The Virginia winery has won awards for its remarkable service in the industry, which makes it worth a try, at least for once. 

This winery is also very lively as well as kid friendly. On the weekends you can often enjoy live music as well as delicious food onsite. Be sure to check their website to see what types of events are going on. 

Distance from Washington DC: 52.9 miles

Bluemont Winery – 58 Miles

This winery is known for its spectacular views of the beautiful Virginia countryside. Bluemont Vineyard has a variety of wine offerings as well as food.

Established in 2007, Bluemont Vineyard grows over ten varietals of grapes, including Viognier, Norton, and Cabernet Franc. The vineyard is also a great spot for lunch or snacks, offering tasty light fare such as fresh mozzarella, bruschetta, flatbreads, and more. The menu is known to change frequently, ensuring a fresh and varied dining experience for visitors.

Distance from Washington DC: 58 miles 

Early Mountain Vineyards – 89 Miles

This is not the closest winery, but it is very popular. When you come to Early Mountain, you’ll find wines that are both fancy and easy to enjoy, and they’re all about Virginia. If you plan to visit, it’s a good idea to reserve a spot for their Tasting Room or Patio. 

This way, you can have a wonderful time enjoying the flavors of Virginia. They pay attention to the grapes, soil, and weather, and that’s how they manage to deliver such fantastic wine.

Distance from Washington DC: 89 miles

Wineries Near Washington DC: Maryland Wineries

Rocklands Farm Winery – 24 Miles

The Rocklands Farm Winery is close to Windridge Vineyards. This winery is a short distance from Washington DC, and it enjoys a pristine location in the countryside bordering a State Park. It only takes half an hour to reach here when driving from Washington, DC. If we talk about the menu, then you won’t be disappointed at all. 

There is red wine, white and rose, sparkling and orange wine to satisfy your taste buds. Additionally, the drinks are available to Savor by bottle or glass, along with three wine flights and six tastings.

This winery has ample outdoor space. It is friendly for kids and pets

Distance From Washington DC: 24.2 miles

Windridge Vineyards – 25 Miles

Windridge Vineyards is not only known for its great wine, but also for its sleek and beautiful tasting room. This tasting barn combines the perfect elements of rustic and modern. It is easy to sit back and relax here for several hours. 

Their wine club members have exclusive access to tasting room reservations, but don’t worry there is plenty of seating outdoors. And, if you make a last minute decision to come here and there are no reservations left online for a picnic table, you are welcome to bring your own chairs.

This winery is also located very close to Washington DC. It is just beyond the Glen Stone Museum (one of DC’s best free art musuems) and very close to Rockland Farms as well as Crossvines. If you are looking to do a Maryland Wine Tour without going too far you can easily do these 3 wineries together. 

On the weekend if the weather is good, this winery gets pretty packed. Be sure to make a reservation ahead of time. The cabernet franc here is one of their best wines. 

On the weekends, the usually also have food trucks serving food onsite. You can check out their website to not only make a reservation but to also see which food trucks will be on site. 

Distance From Washington DC: 25 miles

The Crossvines – 30 Miles

Next up is a new comer to the Maryland wine scene. The Crossvines Vineyard is located in Poolesville, Maryland, not far from Rockland Farms Winery. In addition to being a premiere wedding venue, this new winery has a quaint tasting room and spectacular views. 

If you want to have a meal here, there is also a restaurant that has good reviews. The Farmhouse Bistro is a contemporary artisanal restaurant within The Crossvines offers seasonal, locally sourced cuisine.

In addition to having an onsite vineyard, there is also an expansive patio to enjoy the wine. Guests can enjoy dining with both indoor and outdoor seating options, overlooking 380 acres of countryside. This vineyard is about 1 hour from the center of Washington DC, but only about 35 minutes from Washington DC’s popular Georgetown neighborhood. 

Distance from Washington DC: 30.1 miles

Great Frogs Winery – 32 Miles

Next up, we have the Great Frogs Winery on our list, which is east of Washington DC, and closer to Annapolis. This winery has self-guided tastings of 6 wine types just for a few dollars. Additionally, you can also enjoy some snacks made in wine or purchase a glass or a bottle. 

Moving forward, there’s an outdoor sitting available as well in a close-to-nature patio, but you must avail it on a first-come, first-serve basis. Other than that, vineyard tours and board games are also available to kill your time. Often times there is also live music to enhance your wine tasting experience. Check the website to see their line up. 

Distance from Washington DC: 32.1 miles

Love Point Winery – 46 Miles

Love Point Winery has one of the most beautiful settings. It is the perfect place to enjoy a glass of wine by the water. It is about an hour’s drive from the DC area, depending on where you are driving from. While the wineries above like Windridge and Rockland Farms are closer to Georgetown, the eastern wineries like Love Point and Great Frogs are closer if you live on the East side of DC like near H street or Capitol Hill. 

The winery has a romantic and personal origin story. Tim and Karen Seppi, the founders, met and fell in love at a vineyard on Kent Island. Karen, the estate manager of a waterfront home, and Tim, a wine enthusiast who had been making wine for himself for 8 years, collaborated to revive a defunct vineyard. Their joint efforts in planting, growing grapes, and making wine not only cultivated a successful vineyard but also blossomed their relationship. This personal touch and love story are central to the identity of Love Point Vineyards and Winery​​.

In terms of food and snacks, Love Point has charcuterie and veggie boards available to purchase for guests. However, they do not permit outside food or drink on the premises. This policy ensures that guests can enjoy the winery’s curated food offerings that complement their wine selections.

Love Point winery also has venue rentals for corporate events, featuring an outdoor patio with a capacity of 200 guests. They have specific time slots for these rentals and different pricing options, including the possibility of renting with a tent. However, they currently do not accommodate wedding ceremonies, receptions, rehearsal dinners, or engagement parties.

Distance from Washington DC: 46 miles

Best Wineries & Vineyards Near Washington DC 2024

On both the Virginia side as well as the Maryland side, there are several wineries near Washington DC. In Virginia, you can visit The Winery At Bull Run, Paradise Springs Winery, and Potomac Point Winery along side a few others that are not too far. On the Maryland side, the closest wineries to Washington DC are Love Point Winery, Great Frogs Winery, Rockland Farms, Windridge and The Crossvines. 

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