Best Restaurants Near Middleburg Virginia

There are many great restaurants near Middleburn, VA and within the town of Middleburg as well.  Virginia has its own distinct wine country and the area near Middleburg specifically has many places to eat and drink. Let’s take a look at some of the best restaurants in and around Middleburg, Virginia. 

Best Restaurants Near Middleburg, VA

There are several dining options in and around Middleburg, VA. Some of these include small plate options at the wineries that surround the area. Others are more upscale dining options. Let’s take a look at the best restaurants near Middleburg, VA.

Red Fox Inn & Tavern

The Red Fox Inn is located on E Washington St and contains a Tavern with Pub apart from their 22 guest rooms. The Tavern offers a $125 per person 4 course menu meal which has a substantial first course, a lighter second course, an outstanding main course, and dessert. 

They offer great wine pairing for each course on the menu giving a recommendation for the best pairing with both local Virginia wine and international tavern recommended wine. The most popular main course items are the Honey Buttermilk Glazed Fried Rabbit, the Seared Rack of Lamb, and the Grilled Duck Breast. Along with delicious food in the tavern, the inn also has a Pub that offers cozy barstool seating for you to enjoy bar snacks and cocktails.

Greenhill Winery

Greenhill Winery & Vineyards offers a variety of food options to accompany their wine tastings. The winery has a full-service kitchen that offers a range of small plates, sandwiches, salads, and other dishes that are designed to complement their wines. They also offer a selection of cheese and charcuterie boards, as well as desserts and seasonal specials. 

In addition to their indoor dining options, Greenhill Winery & Vineyards also has a spacious outdoor patio where visitors can enjoy their food and wine while taking in the views of the surrounding countryside.

King Street Oyster Bar

The King Street Oyster Bar is located right next to the Red Fox Inn on East Washington Street. This restaurant has great oysters with an assortment of cocktails and other seafood entrees. Their happy hour is everyday form 3 to 6pm and offers cocktails for only $7, $2 off beer and wine, and $1.25 for oysters. They also offer finger food for only $7-$9 during happy hour as well. Their menu offers salads, sandwiches, and other seafood entrees. They have great dessert options, including a special seasonal dessert, and also have flavorful cocktails and wines.

Quattro Goombas Winery

Quattro Goombas Winery is located in Aldie, Virginia, which is about 35 miles west of Washington, D.C. The winery is situated on a 290-acre estate in the heart of Virginia’s wine country. In addition to their winery and tasting room, Quattro Goombas also has a pizza kitchen and brewery on site, making it a popular destination for food and drink enthusiasts. 

Knead Wine – Takeout Pizza

This is not a sit down restaurant but the pizzas here are very highly rated. They also have great wine options available and some days they also sell freshly made cookies. This is located in downtown Middleburg and is a great spot to grab a quick lunch. There is no seating so you can only take out. 

The wine selection here is very thoughtfully curated. All wines in the wine shop are carefully selected and do not disappoint.

Thaiverse Restaurant

Thaiverse is located on S Madison St in the heart of Middleburg and has won numerous awards for their outstanding service and quality of food. This restaurants main focus is to provide guests with the best authentic Thai food. 

After the starters, soups, and salads, the entree menu begins with plenty of vegetarian options and an assortment of spicy curry options. The rice and noodles entrees are the most popular, especially the Pad Thai, and allow you to addd chicken, pork, beef, shrimp, or tofu. The last section of the entree menu is the chef selection which has 5 of the chef’s favorite dishes. 

Thaiverse is a great place to go for those seeking authentic Thai food from the best Thai kitchen in the Middleburg area with good food and atmosphere and great service.

Red Horse Tavern

Red Horse Tavern is located on W Washington St and has a dog-permitting outdoor seating in a patio dining space. The menu contains basic appetizers and its entrees are a variety of salads, burgers, sandwiches, wraps, and a miscellaneous section that contains their most popular dish, the Fish and Chips. They also have a great selection of beers and wines. Red Horse Tavern is a very popular place for both lunch and dinner due to the simplicity and great quality of the menu items.

Harrimans Virginia Piedmont Grill

Harrimans Virginia Piedmont Grill is located on N Pendleton St in the Salamander Resort and Spa. Some of their most popular dishes are during breakfast, where they offer an assortment of pastries, french toast, pancakes, omelettes, and many other classic breakfast food. For dinner they offer specialty seafood, signature food, shareable food, summer themed food, and more. 

This restaurant ensures seasonal and fresh ingredients using elements of the farm to table style with their very own garden just outside the restaurant. The food is a little on the expensive side but is top notch and definitely worth a try at breakfast or dinner.

The Bistro At Goodstone Inn & Restaurant

The Bistro at Goodstone is located in Goodstone Inn off of Snake Hill Road. The bistro is available to serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, however, their menu updates weekly. This is because they want to showcase the seasonal ingredients from the garden as well as the chef’s creativity. 

The food contains fresh and local ingredients. They also have a bar area that contains their award-winning wine collection from both local Virginia and international. The Bistro is a great place to stop in for a farm-to-table meal with great ambiance, friendly service, and an all around amazing fine dining experience.

50 West Vineyards 

This winery offers a variety of food options to accompany their wine tastings. It is mainly a selection of cheese and charcuterie boards, as well as desserts and seasonal specials. 

In addition to their indoor dining options, 50 West Vineyards also has a spacious outdoor patio where visitors can enjoy their food and wine while taking in the views of the surrounding countryside. This is more of a snack vibe or light lunch rather than a full meal. 

Tremolo Bar

Tremolo Bar is located on E Washington St in the charming village of Middleburg. This place contains amazing cocktails and wines along with bar snacks, meat snacks, fish snacks, cheese snacks, salad snacks, and more. All the food is incredibly fresh. 

The food and wine pairings are suggested by the master sommelier. It is their job to recommend specific wines to go with the bites. Other reviews say that the bar has excellent service and fantastic food and wine pairings. This friendly restaurant is one of the highest reviewed bars in the area and has great cocktails, wines, and small bites.

Gold Cup Wine Bar

Gold Cup Wine Bar is located on N Pendleton St in the Salamander Resort and Spa. This wine bar offers a relaxing vibe with delicious cocktails and top tier wines. Outside of their wine and cocktails, they offer an assortment of excellent food containing salads, small bites, table appetizers, signature entrees, and hand crafted sandwiches. They also have a nightly special that rotates every day, and a sushi menu available from Thursday to Sunday. Gold Cup Wine Bar is a great spot to relax with a cup of wine and great food.

Cuppa Giddy Up

Cuppa Giddy Up is located on E Washington Street. This local coffee shop is great for breakfast and lunch and has outdoor patio seating to enjoy your refreshing drink on a hot day. For drinks they have coffees, fruit smoothies, teas, and frappuccinos. They also serve a variety of pastries and bagels. Their staff is reviewed to be exceptionally friendly and quick. Cuppa Giddy is a great way to start your day in Middleburg with reasonable priced breakfast food and drinks.

Boxwood Winery

Boxwood Winery offers light snacks and small plates to accompany their wine tastings, but they do not have a full restaurant. Boxwood Winery offers a selection of charcuterie, cheese, and other small bites that are designed to complement their wines. They also have baguette sandwiches and other light snacks and bites to enjoy. This is a great place for a scenic lunch, but there is no fine dining restaurant on site. 

Best Restaurants Near Middleburg, VA: Summary

The best restaurants near Middleburg, Virginia include the Red Fox Inn & Tavern, The Bistro At Goodstone Inn, and Harriman’s Grill. Other notable options are Market Salamander which is more casual and Middleburg Common Grounds, which is a coffee shop. For pizza head to Quattro Goombas winery or Knead Wine. 

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