Washington DC in April is famous for the National Cherry Blossom Festival. It is one of the best times to be in Washington DC, but also one of the busiest. Let’s take a more detailed look at what you need to know if visiting Washington DC in April.

Washington DC In April: Weather & Sunlight

In April, Washington DC is likely to be very pleasant. The weather can vary dramatically between the first of the month and the last of the month as this is when the city really starts to warm up. 

  • Temperature Range: The average temperatures in April in Washington D.C. typically range from lows of around 43°F (6°C) to highs of about 67°F (19°C). The beginning of the month might see cooler temperatures, often in the 50s, while the end of the month can have days reaching into the low 70s.
  • Rainfall: April in Washington D.C. can be quite rainy, so be sure to carry an umbrella. Washington DC in April has an average of 9 days of rainfall. Snowfall is pretty rare in April.
  • Sunlight: The average daylight duration ranges from approximately 12.5 to 13.5 hours per day, providing ample time for outdoor activities and monument viewing
  • Sunrise and Sunset: The sunrise and sunset times provided are incorrect. On April 15, 2024, in Washington D.C., sunrise is expected to be around 6:29 AM, and sunset is around 7:48 PM. These times can vary slightly depending on the specific location within the city.
  • Overall Climate: April in Washington D.C. is a transitional month from winter to spring. The weather can be variable, with some days feeling more like winter and others more spring-like. It’s advisable to check the weather forecast close to your travel date and pack accordingly, with layers being a good strategy for fluctuating temperatures.

Washington DC In April: 2024 Events

*Did you know that President Lincoln was assassinated in the month of April? Check out the Lincoln Assassination Walking Tour – interesting for locals and tourists! This one always sells out!

There are many events that you can enjoy in Washington DC in April, with the National Cherry Blossom Festival being the most famous

National Cherry Blossom Festival: March 20 2024 – April 14 2024

A famous annual D.C. festival, the annual Cherry Blossom Festival celebrates the cherry blossom trees gifted from Japan. Events include a parade, cultural performances, kite flying and more.

Blossom Kite Festival March 30 2024: The Blossom Kite Festival is part of the National Cherry Blossom Festival, but in 2024, this annual event took place at the end of March. So if you want to see this consider visiting DC in March instead.

DC Beer Festival: April 1-2, 2024

This festival takes place at RFK Stadium. The DC Beer Festival features hundreds of beers from local, national and international brewers along with live music.

FilmFest DC: April 5-16, 2024

This international film festival showcases narrative features, documentaries and shorts from around the world with screenings across the city.

National Cannabis Festival: April 22-23, 2024

This two-day festival at RFK Stadium promotes cannabis policy reform through music, art and advocacy events.

White House Easter Egg Roll April 17, 2024

This annual tradition hosted by the First Family includes live music, cookbook readings, games and the signature egg roll race on the White House lawn.

Nationals Park

Baseball season is a fun time to be in Washington DC. It’s a good month for enjoying outdoor family-friendly activities. You can check out the schedule of games for Nationals Park on their website. 

Washington DC In April: Sightseeing

One of the best things about Washington DC in April is that the weather is great for sightseeing. The end of April especially usually has much warmer weather and the cold temperatures subside. Additionally, the crowds from the cherry blossom rush have died down. 

It is still early enough in the year where the summer crowds haven’t come in and the school trips have not started yet. The public schools tend to have their school trips in May in Washington DC. 

The only downside is that April can get more rain than other months. But, aside from visiting the outdoor monuments, the museums are all indoors. Be sure to make reservations at places that require a timed entry pass like the National Air And Space Museum. 

Washington DC In April: Indoor Sightseeing

When it rains in April in DC you will want to have some fun places to visit that are indoors. 

Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum

This is one of the most well known museums in the nation’s capital. Because it is one of the best places to visit in DC, it is also very popular. You will need to make a reservation online for a timed entry. Like many of the DC museums, this one is also has free admission. 

The Capitol & Supreme Court

Explore the grounds of the United States Capitol. This iconic building is the perfect backdrop for taking pictures. Very close to the Capitol Building is the US Supreme Court. Depending on how much time you want to spend in Capitol Hill, you can also enjoy one of the many popular restaurants here. 

Visit The Holocaust Museum

The Holocaust Museum is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., except on Yom Kippur and Christmas Day. It’s located on the National Mall in Washington, DC. While the museum itself is free, timed-entry tickets are required to enter the museum’s Permanent Exhibition from April 1 to August 31. These tickets may be subject to a transaction fee. It’s important to note that tickets are not required for other exhibitions like Daniel’s Story or special exhibitions

The National Museum Of African American History & National Museum Of African Art 

Visiting the National Museum of African American History in April is a great idea for several reasons. Firstly, April is often less crowded, allowing for a more intimate and contemplative experience of the exhibits. Secondly, it’s an educational opportunity to deeply engage with African American history and culture. The best time to visit is during the week as weekends are naturally more crowded.

The National Museum of African Art should not be confused with the National Museum of African American History. The National Museum of African Art and the National Museum of African American History and Culture are distinct entities within the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C., each with a unique focus.

The National Museum of African Art, established in 1964, is dedicated to the art and culture of Africa. It showcases a diverse collection of traditional and contemporary African art, including sculptures, paintings, textiles, and decorative arts from across the continent.

International Spy Museum

This is an interactive museum where visitors can participate in spy missions and solve puzzles, making it a dynamic and fun learning environment for all ages. The museum also has immersive exhibits that allow guests to experience the life of a spy, including assuming a cover identity. There are also detailed presentations on historical and contemporary espionage activities. It’s a great place for both adults as well as young audiences.

National Portrait Gallery

The National Portrait Gallery is a must-visit destination for art and history enthusiasts. This gallery has a huge collection of portraits of significant figures in American history. Visitors can explore a range of works, from paintings and sculptures to photographs and multimedia installations, featuring presidents, activists, celebrities, and other influential personalities. 

The gallery’s design is tranquil and inspiring. The National Portrait Gallery, along with the Smithsonian American Art Museum, share a stunningly renovated historic building in Washington D.C., which features a famous atrium known as the Robert and Arlene Kogod Courtyard. The Kogod Courtyard is a spacious, light-filled area that offers a peaceful retreat for visitors, complete with a water feature and indoor landscaping. It’s a popular spot for relaxation and contemplation, and it also serves as a special event venue and has year-round programs hosted by the museums.

Washington DC In April: Outdoor Sightseeing

The weather in DC in April is usually very pleasant, and definitely much warmer than a winter visit to DC. It makes for a great time to enjoy the great outdoors. 

Washington DC Monuments & Memorials

There is plenty of daylight and good weather in April to visit the monuments and the outdoor memorials. If you don’t get a chance during the day, a night tour of the monuments is also a great option. 

  • Lincoln Memorial
  • Jefferson Memorial
  • Washington Monument
  • Vietnam Memorial

Arlington National Cemetery

While Arlington National Cemetery is a year-round destination, April is before the peak tourist season of summer. This might mean a lot less daily number of visitors and a more peaceful visit.

  • The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier: This is one of the most iconic sites in the cemetery. The tomb contains the remains of unidentified soldiers from World Wars I and II, the Korean Conflict, and the Vietnam War. The Changing of the Guard ceremony at the tomb, which happens every hour or half-hour depending on the season, is a deeply moving and highly precise ritual.
  • John F. Kennedy’s Gravesite: Marked by an eternal flame, this site is the final resting place of the 35th President of the United States, John F. Kennedy. Nearby are the graves of his wife, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, and two of their children.
  • The Arlington House, The Robert E. Lee Memorial: This historic house, once the home of Confederate General Robert E. Lee, offers a view of Washington D.C. and serves as a memorial to Lee. It’s situated on a hill providing a panoramic view of the cemetery.
  • Memorial Amphitheater: Located near the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, this amphitheater hosts various ceremonies, including Memorial Day and Veterans Day services. It’s a beautiful structure with marble columns and inscriptions.
  • Sections 60 and 55: Section 60 is known as the final resting place for military personnel killed in the global war on terror since 2001. Section 55 contains a large number of graves of service members who died in the Pentagon attack on September 11, 2001.

Dumbarton Oaks Museum & Gardens

Visiting Dumbarton Oaks Museum and Gardens in April is a good choice. The gardens at Dumbarton Oaks are renowned for their beauty and design. There is a museum here as well as gardens that you can walk. An April visit to DC, especially towards the end of the month, means you’ll likely avoid the larger crowds of peak tourist season, allowing for a more leisurely experience.

US Botanical Garden

The United States Botanic Garden is a historic living plant museum. It has a huge variety of plants from around the world. Established by Congress in 1820, it is one of the oldest botanic gardens in North America, dedicated to demonstrating the aesthetic, cultural, economic, therapeutic, and ecological importance of plants.

When visiting the US Botanical Gardens, start with the Conservatory. The Conservatory houses different rooms with various climates and plant collections, including rare and exotic plants. Don’t miss the Orchid Room if it’s in bloom during your visit.

After the conservator, explore the outdoor gardens. April is a great time to see spring flowers at the National Botanic Garden. The National Garden, which includes the Rose Garden, Regional Garden, and First Ladies Water Garden, can be particularly beautiful.

Bartholdi Park

Located just across Independence Avenue from the Conservatory of the US Botanical Gardens is Bartholdi Park. Bartholdi Park is a garden that features the magnificent Bartholdi Fountain. It offers a peaceful retreat with its innovative plant combinations.

Washington DC In April: Explore DC Neighborhoods

Washington DC has so many distinct and fun neighborhoods. When the weather conditions are pleasant and not raining, be sure to walk around these interesting parts of Washington DC.

Explore Historical U Street

Another popular area of Washington DC is U street. U Street in Washington D.C. has significant historical importance. It was known as the heart of African-American culture in Washington D.C., especially in the early to mid-20th century. This part of DC was often referred to as “Black Broadway.” This area was a hub for African-American businesses, entertainment, and culture, playing a vital role during the Harlem Renaissance. 

Lunch And Shop In Georgetown

The Georgetown neighborhood of Washington DC is not only historic but it is a lot of fun. The most popular shopping street in Georgetown is M street. All the stores here are close together making it easy to pop in and out of them even if it is raining in April. You can also check out more stores and shops on Wisconsin avenue. There are many small coffee shops in Georgetown as well as casual restaurants to grab some lunch.

Drinks & Dinner On 14th Street

Another very busy and popular street in Washington DC. There are tons of great happy hours as well as amazing restaurants on 14th street in DC. You can warm up here by bouncing from one happy hour to the next and then finally ending your evening with some delicious food.  

Head To Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon is technically not in Washington DC, but just a quick 30 minutes away. It’s one of the many fun day trips you can take from Washington DC during your visit in the month of April.

Best Hotel Deals In April In Washington DC:

You can get some amazing hotel deals when traveling off season in April. Here are some hotels which tend to be more discounted in the early spring months.

The Intercontinental At The DC Wharf – Top Choice For Families

This is a great luxury choice for families. Some rooms have views of the Potomac River and it’s walking distance to several sites. Also, the hotel has several large suites and is surrounded by food options. 

The Riggs Hotel – Top Choice For Couples

This historic Washington DC hotel is not only luxurious, it also has some great dining. The basement floor of this hotel has a swanky cocktail lounge.

Kimpton Monaco – Top Choice For Singles Overall

This is a lively hotel that is centrally located. It’s easy to walk around from here. 

Citizen M Capitol Hill – Top Affordable Choice For Singles

Citizen M has multiple locations in Washington DC. The Capitol Hill location is better for sightseeing when compared to the other location. 

Washington DC In April: Should You Bring A Car

Washington D.C. is a very walkable city and also has many public transportation options. If you are traveling with kids, then a car may be helpful. However, in general, taxis and ride shares will be available during this time of year. If you can avoid bringing a car during Cherry Blossom season, its probably best.

Washington DC In April: Summary

Washington DC in April is quite busy in the beginning part of the month because of the cherry blossoms frenzy near the DC Tidal Basin. This means more crowds and higher prices, but also you can visit the Cherry Blossom Festival which is certainly a memorable event. If you want to avoid the crowds, visit towards the end of April. The weather is warmer during this time and the tourists have left. Be prepared for some rain though as April and even visiting DC in May can be quite rainy. Luckily, shopping and museums are all indoor activities that you can enjoy if the weather does get rainy. Save the monuments and memorials for the sunny days of your April visit to DC.

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