Best U Street Coffee Shops Washington DC 2024 Guide

There are are lot of options when it comes to U Street Coffee Shops. The U Street Corridor in Washington D.C. has established itself as a vibrant destination for food, nightlife, and culture. Among its many offerings are numerous coffee shops that cater to various tastes and preferences.

U Street Coffee Shops Near Shaw

U Street Washington DC spans over a mile. The Shaw area of U street has many different options when it comes to coffee shops. Let’s take a look. 

Cafe U

Cafe U is a great place for a cup of coffee on U Street. With high-quality coffee, good Wi-Fi, and comfortable seating, it’s an ideal spot to work, socialize, or take a break.

Brew On U

Brew On U is another favorite coffee shop in the U Street area, known for its top-notch coffee, friendly staff, and cozy atmosphere. Enjoy their great coffee while sitting indoors or out on their patio. It is one of the best cafes on the Shaw side of the U Street corridor. 

Compass Coffee

One block from U street, located at the junction of Florida Avenue and 8th street is Compass Coffee. It is located right next to All Soul’s Bar which is popular cocktail bar in DC. Compass Coffee offers a diverse menu of delicious coffee items, from classic hot cups to cold brews. With several locations around the city, this U Street spot is a convenient choice for a quick coffee break.

Colada Shop

Colada Shop brings Cuban flavors to Washington DC with their unique menu of coffee, cocktails, and food. Experience great vibes while enjoying their happy hour or satisfy your sweet tooth with their tempting selection of ice creams and pastries.

Colada Shop is technically not on U street, but just a couple blocks away on 14th street. In addition to having some great coffee, it also has a fun rooftop. 

Wydown Coffee Bar

Wydown Coffee Bar is a popular spot among coffee enthusiasts. This coffee shop chain has multiple locations including one on H street. Their delicious coffee pairs well with their selection of baked goods, including avocado toast and other tasty offerings.

Like its other locations, Wydown Coffee Bar on U Street serves a wide variety of coffee drinks and also offers free wifi. It’s a great spot to enjoy your coffee and return some emails or get some work done. 

U Street Coffee Shops Near 14th Street

The intersection of U Street and 14th Street in DC is a very busy and happening place. It’s not surprising that our list of coffee shops on U street DC would also include many places on 14th street that are close to this intersection.

Busboys And Poets

Busboys And Poets is a friendly gathering place offering more than just coffee. Known for its art, bookstore, and events, this venue also serves good coffee with a welcoming vibe. The atmosphere here promotes conversation, creativity, as well as community. 

Busboys & Poets Near U Street

In addition to having great coffee, it also has many options for vegans and vegetarians. There’s a large variety of food and drink for all people to enjoy.

This Busboys And Poets location is technically on 14th street. However, it is just one block away from U street. 

Café Cino

Coffee drinkers will absolutely love this cute coffee outpost. Café Cino is a hidden gem on U Street, known for its high-quality coffee and free Wi-fi. Its casual atmosphere makes it a good place for getting a little bit of work done or meeting some friends. 

This location is currently a pop up location inside of PLTR. It was started by a husband and wife team who are passionate about great coffee and community.

Blank Street Coffee 14th Street

Blank Street Coffee’s 14th Street location offers a modern and minimalist environment for coffee lovers. With various seating options and a carefully curated selection of coffee, this spot is a great place to savor a cup or grab one to go. When looking over the menu of their many delicious drinks, try out the chai latte if that is up your alley. 

As mentioned above, this is also not on U street itself. It is very close to U street and is just a couple blocks away. It is across the street from Doi Moi, a popular ramen restaurant in DC, and next to Gypsy Kitchen which has a lovely rooftop dining.

Tatte Bakery 14th Street Location

Tatte Bakery’s 14th Street Location is a lovely bakery and cafe with a wide range of pastries, sandwiches, and desserts. This restaurant chain has multiple locations in the United States and several just in the DC, Maryland, Virginia area. It is a great destination for breakfast or lunch, and their coffee stands out as an excellent companion to their delicious food.

Tatte has a large seating area as well as a coffee bar type set up. It is a great place to get some work done. You can easily plug in your computer and work from here for several hours. Start with breakfast food and then a couple hours later enjoy a delicious lunch.

Although this coffee shop is not right on U street, it is very close to it. Tatte is located on 14th street and it is 2 blocks away from the main part of the U street corridor.

U Street Coffee Shops Near Adams Morgan

​On the opposite end of U street is the Adams Morgan neighborhood. Alongside many inventive and popular restaurants, there are also some cute places to sit down and have a cup of coffee. Let’s take a look at the coffee shops on this side of the U street corridor. 

Jolt ‘N Bolt Coffee & Tea House

Jolt ‘N Bolt Coffee & Tea House is a charming cafe featuring an extensive menu of both coffee and tea drinks, as well as freshly made sandwiches and desserts. If you are headed here, be sure to order their signature beverage, the Jolt ‘N Bolt Latte.

This coffee shop also has a variety of seating, including cozy chairs, booths, and outdoor seating. It’s an ideal spot on U Street to enjoy a leisurely afternoon with friends or a quiet cup of coffee alone.

No Goodbyes At The Line Hotel

The beautiful Line Hotel is on the Adams Morgan side of U Street. This beautiful space is open everyday for coffee. The Line DC also has other dining establishments where you can get food and drink. 

If this is your first time in this area, then the Line Hotel is a sight to see. It is one of the most historic hotels in Washington DC, and it’s combinations of past and present design elements make it a must see spot. This hotel is a few blocks north of U Street. 

Best U Street Coffee Shops: Summary

From espresso bars with artisanal roasts to cozy spots for relaxing and sipping on a warm cup of joe, there are tons of great options when it comes to U Street Coffee Shops. As you explore the lively U Street neighborhood, you’ll discover a plethora of unique and inviting coffee shops. Some popular ones include Brew On U, Compass Coffee, Cafe U, Wydown Coffee Bar, and Black Street Coffee. With such a rich coffeehouse scene, U Street is bound to have something for everyone, whether you prefer a robust espresso or a delicate pour-over.

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