There are a few places that make the list of best golf courses near Ocean City MD. Many of the courses below have amazing views as well as varying skill levels for all types of golfers. Some are as close as 15 minutes away and some are a bit further, around 1 hour away. Let’s take a look.

Top 17 Best Golf Courses Near Ocean City 2023

Ocean City, Maryland has many types of golf courses. Some are pretty close to the beach town, and others are a bit of a drive. Many courses are great for all players, whether you’re a pro or just starting out. With beautiful nature, great places to play, and helpful staff, golfing in Ocean City is sure to be a good time. Golfers of all skill levels can have fun on these courses, which makes them great for weekend trips and relaxed games. If you need a change from the golf courses in the DMV area, you can make a day trip out here from Washington DC, but just be sure to leave early in the morning.

1. Ocean City Golf Club: 

The Ocean City Golf Club on Maryland’s Eastern Shore is technically in Berlin, Maryland. Berlin is a small quaint town very close to Ocean City with many fun things to do as well should you choose to spend some time here. 

Playing golf on this championship golf course is an unforgettable experience. Golf Digest has classified it as a top course, which speaks something about its quality. It has 36 holes and there are two distinct courses. All 18 holes of the Newport Bay course have marsh and bay vistas. It is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful golf course on the Mid-Atlantic coast. The Seaside course has a more classic layout with wide-open fairways and tightly guarded greens.

The championship-caliber facilities at Ocean City Golf Club are unique. The golf course was thoughtfully designed to challenge golfers of all skill levels while showcasing the breathtaking scenery of Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Guests can easily book tee times online. it costs anywhere from $65 to $100 depending on the details of the booking.

2. Eagle’s Landing: 

Just 7 miles north of Ocean City Golf Club, is Eagle’s Landing Golf Course. This course has beautiful bay vistas and views of Sinepuxent Bay. The area’s natural splendor adds to the experience of playing a round here.

Eagle’s Landing stands out because of the brilliant planning of renowned architect P.B. Dye. The course designer paid attention to detail when creating each tee, fairway, and green. You can book a tee time online and the cost varies between $70 and $100 depending on the booking details. 

One of the unique things about this course is Eagle’s Landing commitment to environmental preservation. The course is recognized as an “Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary” by Audubon International, which means that it takes steps to protect local wildlife and their habitats.

3. Lighthouse Sound Golf Course

This course is located in Bishopville, Maryland, about a 15 minute drive from Ocean City, Maryland. One of the most notable aspects of Lighthouse Sound is its picturesque setting. The course provides spectacular views of the Ocean City skyline and the vast stretches of the Assawoman Bay. The natural landscape is both serene and captivating.

Designed by Arthur Hills, a well-respected figure in golf course architecture, Lighthouse Sound boasts a layout that offers a blend of challenges and playability. The course weaves through coastal marshes, pine forests, and waterfront areas, making each hole distinct and memorable.

The 5th hole is particularly noteworthy. It is one of the longest wooden cart bridges in the U.S., which golfers cross to reach the green, adding a unique twist to the golfing experience. In fact, there are almost 2000 feet of bridges that you will travel over so that the wetlands are protected in this area. 

The course has an elegant clubhouse that not only provides panoramic views but also offers dining facilities. Golfers can unwind here after their rounds, enjoying good food while soaking in the ambiance.

4. GlenRiddle Golf Club

The GlenRiddle Golf Club is a sister course to the Lighthouse Sound Golf Course. Glen Riddle has two 18-hole championship courses – the Man O’ War and War Admiral. The property was originally a horse farm and training facility for the famous Riddle family. This family was well known for their racing thoroughbred horses. The two courses are named after the family’s legendary racehorses Man O’ War and his son, War Admiral.

 Designed by Joel Weiman with consulting from golf legend P.B. Dye, the Man O’ War features wide fairways, large greens, and several water hazards. The course has a mix of woodland and wetland areas, making it both scenic and challenging.

The War Admiral course offers a different experience from its counterpart. It is routed through mature forest and offers a more traditional, parkland-style layout. Tighter fairways and strategically placed hazards require precision and thoughtful play.

The Glen Riddle clubhouse was originally the Riddle Farm’s stables, adding a touch of historical charm to the facility. It’s been renovated to provide modern amenities while preserving its historical character. The clubhouse includes a pro shop, restaurant, and other facilities.

5. Rum Pointe Seaside Golf Links

You’ll find Rum Pointe Seaside Golf Links on the beautiful Delmarva Peninsula. Because of its waterfront setting, playing golf here is a great experience for those who enjoy water views. 17 of the 18 holes actually have a Bay view.

True to its name, Rum Pointe is designed as a “seaside links” course. This means that the course mimics the classic courses of Scotland and Ireland. The course has rolling fairways, deep bunkers, and tall grasses that sway with the breeze. The winds off the bay can also play a significant role in the game, adding an extra layer of challenge. 

6. Bayside Resort Golf Club 

About 30 minutes north of Ocean City is the Bayside Resort Golf Club located in Delaware just over the Maryland state border. This golf club sits right by the beautiful Assawoman Bay. It’s not just any golf course; it’s a dream spot for golfers. Famous golfer Jack Nicklaus designed it. As you play, you’ll pass tall pine trees and see amazing views of the bay.

But there’s more fun after the last hole. You can swim in their pools and there’s a fun splash area for kids. If you like sports, check out the Tennis & Fitness Center. Or, you can go kayaking from the pier.

Feeling hungry or want to chill? Grab food or drinks at the beachside restaurant, 38 Degrees. The modern clubhouse has everything you need and is great to relax in after a round of golf. The cost is anywhere from $70 to $195 depending on the details of your tee time.

7. Bear Trap Dunes Golf Club 

Bear Trap Dunes is also about 30 minutes north of Ocean City in the town of Bethany Beach, Delaware. 

The club has 27 holes divided into three distinctive nine-hole courses. These courses are named Grizzly, Black Bear, and Kodiak. This arrangement allows golfers to mix and match for diverse 18-hole combinations. 

The golf courses were intricately designed by the notable golf course architect Rick Jacobson, once an associate of the legendary Jack Nicklaus. Jacobson’s craftsmanship is evident in the blend of spacious greens, wetland preserves, and challenging bunkers that cater to players of all proficiencies.

8. Baywood Greens

Baywood Greens is often referred to as the “Augusta of the North.” It is located in Long Neck, Delaware, a short drive from Ocean City, Maryland. It’s widely recognized for its beautiful layout and meticulous landscaping. 

Baywood Greens stands out for its gardens and floral displays. Every hole is artistically landscaped with flowers, shrubs, and trees, making it a visual treat as you play. The golf course is divided into two main sections – the Woodside and Waterside nines. As their names suggest, the Woodside nine is set amongst the woods, while the Waterside nine features water on every hole.

Baywood Greens also has a magnificent clubhouse with a restaurant and pro shop. The restaurant offers a scenic view of the course, making it a great spot to relax after a round.

9. Ocean Pines Golf Club

The fact that Ocean Pines Golf Club is the only Robert Trent Jones course in the region makes it a true jewel for golfers. It’s a world-class golf course with breathtaking vistas of the Ocean City skyline.

The 18-hole course is set amidst mature trees and features a series of lakes, bunkers, and water hazards that add both beauty and challenge to the game. The variety of holes ensures that players of all skill levels will find the course engaging.

One of the benefits of Ocean Pines Golf Club is that it remains open year-round. This is great for golf enthusiasts who want to play golf year round.

10. River Run Golf Club

Although its manicured fairways and demanding holes certainly contribute to River Run Golf Club’s stellar reputation, those features aren’t the only reasons for the course’s prominence among the world’s best.

The course is set against the serene backdrop of the St. Martin River. Golfers have picturesque views at every turn. Also, the 18-hole course has a mix of terrains, including rolling fairways, strategic bunkers, and water hazards. This variety ensures that golfers of all skill levels are tested and entertained throughout their round.

11. Nutters Crossing Golf

Nutters Crossing is about 40 minutes from Ocean City. It is towards the west in close proximity to Salisbury, Maryland. The broad fairways at Nutters Crossing Golf Course make it an excellent place for players of all ability levels to enjoy a round. When playing golf at Nutters Crossing, you need not worry about being overly challenged as the fairways are generously sized. 

12. Bay Club

The Bay Club, in Berlin Maryland, was designed by Arthur Hills. This makes it a fantastic venue for tournament play.

The Bay Club has two 18-hole championship courses – the East Course and the West Course. This dual-course offering caters to golfers looking for variety and challenge.

Both courses have been designed with an emphasis on strategic play, integrating natural water hazards, bunkers, and a blend of open fairways and tighter corridors. This design mix ensures both amateur and seasoned golfers find the courses engaging.

13. Heritage Shores Club

Heritage Shores Club is situated in Bridgeville, Delaware. The golf course at Heritage Shores is a brilliantly designed 18-hole championship layout. This golf club is notable for having hosted PGA Tour tournaments in the past, delivering world-class golf close to your doorstep. This is also a bit of a drive. It is about 1 hour north of Ocean City. 

14. Assateague Greens Golf Center

Assateague Greens has a par-3 course, different from the usual 18-hole ones. It’s great for new players, experienced ones wanting a fast game, or those looking to better their close-up shots.

Being close to Assateague Island, golfers can see the area’s natural beauty. Sometimes, they might even see the well-known wild horses of Assateague, making the game even more special.

The place is relaxed and games are quick, so it’s perfect for families. It’s a good place to get kids started with golf.

15. Ocean Resorts Golf Club

Ocean Resorts Golf Club aims to provide enjoyable golf rounds to golfers of all skill levels. Each hole on their course has its personality and set of difficulties.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or have never picked up a club, you’ll find something to like at Ocean Resorts Golf Club. Their system has everything from beautiful fairways to challenging bunkers.

16. Elk Golf Club In Salisbury Maryland

Golfers may also want to check out the Salisbury Elks Golf Course, a golf course that is about 45 minutes west of Ocean City Maryland. 

The “Elks” are a social group that often does charity work. They run the golf club, and sometimes these kinds of clubs are only for members, but others can play too depending on their rules. Since it’s run by the Elks, there’s likely a friendly, community vibe. It can be a good place to meet people and make friends.

17. The Rookery North & South

If you don’t mind a little bit of a drive, this golfing experience is about 1 hour north of Ocean City Maryaldn. This golf course actually has two courses in the charming town of Milford, Delaware.

Multiple tee boxes on each hole can cater to different skill levels. Beginners can opt for forward tees, making the course shorter and more manageable. Experienced golfers, on the other hand, might choose back tees for more of a challenge.

Golfers may challenge themselves and improve their skills while enjoying the area’s natural beauty.

Best Golf Courses Near Ocean City Maryland: 

Golfers of all skill levels may find a great course in Ocean City, Maryland. Some of the more famous courses that are under 30 minutes from Ocean City include the Ocean City Golf Club, Eagle’s Landing, Lighthouse Sound Golf Course, the Glen Riddle Golf Club, Baywood Greens, and Rumpointe Seaside Golf Links. For a great par 3 course near Ocean City, be sure to check out the Assateague Greens Golf Center.

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